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Pulling Back the Curtain & Challenging Industry Practices

BryanMark has grown into a highly successful independently owned insurance firm by focusing on one niche area – large and complex life insurance placements – and striving to do it better than anyone else. We accomplish this by applying our specialized array of resources to look deeply in to the “black box” of life insurance pricing practices to unlock customized value for our clients.


As a Member Firm of M Financial Group, our clients have access to a full suite of M proprietary products only available to M Financial Group Member Firms.


Pictured left to right: Jason Hackmann & Jay Williamson

The M Proprietary Advantage

M Financial Group was founded on the premise that affluent individuals require specialized solutions to accomplish the goal of strategically positioning large life insurance policies within estate and business succession structures.  The M Proprietary Products are an exclusive suite of life insurance policies issued by leading life insurance carriers and are priced using mortality tables that segregate affluent individuals and are only available through M Member Firms.


This approach to policy design leads to numerous advantages including proprietary pricing, no surrender charges, exceptional performance under stress-tested conditions and in-force policy re-pricings to name a few.


The M Partner Carriers

Pictured left to right: Vickie Dahm, Aaron Arriola, Erin McKenna

Specialized Expertise in Large Life Insurance Placements

At BryanMark Financial Group, we leverage M Financial’s arrangement with partner carriers that gives us a special look into the “black box” of carrier practices to unlock customized value for our clients.  We combine this knowledge with our depth of experience working solely in this niche area to deliver an exceptional level of sophistication in policy design.


Pictured left to right: H. Joseph Price, Jr. & Jay Williamson