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Variability In Medical Underwriting

When properly positioned in an intelligently designed estate plan, permanent life insurance can be one of the most versatile assets in managing the eventual payment…

Get real world case examples illustrating the potentially wide variability in underwriting offers that a single insured may receive, and see how a small variation in the anticipated underwriting class can have a significant impact.

Total In-Force Management Program

BryanMark Group has combined traditional performance management with underwriting management to create Total In-Force Management.

See actual case studies where Total In-Force Management has had a positive Impact on client’s policy, next steps to get an evaluation, and have a clear understanding why there is only upside potential.

INFOGRAPHIC: Puts Worldwide Child Slavery Epidemic In Perspective

The Worth It Project is a charitable endeavor specially designed to provide opportunity and hope in places where non exists. This infographic provides details on the enormity and gravity of the worldwide child slavery epidemic.

Every life is valuable and worth it. Find out how working with BryanMark Group is making a difference

Worth It Project

The Worth It Project is a life insurance based charitable endeavor specially designed to provide opportunity and hope in places where none exists. Each of us has been given opportunity and we want to give those same opportunities to others because we believe every life should be given a chance because every life is valuable.

You can help protect your family with a suitable life insurance policy and help free children sold into slavery. Don’t you think that would be worth it?
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