Variability In Medical Underwriting

When properly positioned in an intelligently designed estate plan, permanent life insurance can be one of the most versatile assets in managing the eventual payment…

Get real world case examples illustrating the potentially wide variability in underwriting offers that a single insured may receive, and see how a small variation in the anticipated underwriting class can have a significant impact.

Introducing Our Total In-Force Management Program

BryanMark Group has combined traditional performance management with underwriting management to create Total In-Force Management.

See actual case studies where Total In-Force Management has had a positive Impact on client’s policy, next steps to get an evaluation, and have a clear understanding why there is only upside potential.

How to More Fully Understand and Evaluate an Illustration or Proposal eBook

This 27-page eBook will provide you with the information you need to objectively evaluate a whole life proposal or illustration. The resource is free and could save you time, money and headaches as you decide the best life insurance solution for your needs.

Our experts share their unique insights and relevant news in large life insurance placements

Evaluating a Whole Life Proposal INFOGRAPHIC:

Don’t know if you’re asking all the right questions when evaluating a whole life proposal or illustration? This infographic guides you through the process and provides the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our infographic equips clients and advisors with the knowledge needed to fully evaluate a whole life proposal
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