Affiliation with M Financial

M Financial Group is a nationwide network of independent financial services firms that works with selected life insurance companies to develop proprietary, competitively priced financial products for the high net worth markets that are only available through M Member Firms.

BryanMark has been an M Financial Group Member Firm since 2007, and our affiliation with M allows us to offer customized life insurance products to our clients. BryanMark founder and President, Jason Hackmann, serves on the Product Development Committee (“PDG”), a group a six individuals within M that work closely with M Carriers in the design, analysis and pricing stage of policy development before they are made available to clients.

As a shareholder of M Financial, our vision and our clients’ interests are represented by one of the most influential distribution networks for financial products and services in the wealth transfer market. This gives us the ability to provide our clients with customized wealth transfer products and in-force management advantages that are unique in the industry.

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