Our Firm

At BryanMark, we focus on one thing – the design, analysis and implementation of large face amount life insurance policies.

We focus on working with a select number of affluent clients ranging from Forbes 400 individuals to highly successful business owners. Our clients have accumulated significant assets and recognize they face numerous planning challenges that must be adequately addressed to preserve their wealth for generations to come.

The procurement of large life insurance policies for implementation within estate and business succession planning structures is a complicated transaction and BryanMark has the highly specialized experience to help achieve the desired result.

Furthermore, we leverage our insight into policy design and pricing practices – a good portion of which is a result of our affiliation with M Financial Group – to unlock customized value for our clients.

As evidence of our commitment to delivering solutions to the affluent market, we are an independent Member Firm of M Financial Group. M Financial Group is a network of more than 140 independent financial services companies that, like BryanMark Financial Group, have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to meet the sophisticated needs of affluent and ultra-affluent clients.

This has led leading life insurance carriers including TIAA-CREF, John Hancock, Pacific Life, Nationwide and Prudential to develop a suite of M proprietary products that are available exclusively to clients of M Member Firms. M proprietary policies are priced using mortality tables that segregate affluent clients. Given that affluent individuals have access to superior medical care and have longer life expectancies, life insurance companies are able to offer enhanced pricing exclusively for the M Member Firm clients who purchase M proprietary policies.

Our commitment does not, however, end when the policy is issued. Through a unique arrangement with M Financial Group, the life insurance carriers with whom we work review the performance and profitability of issued (or in-force) M proprietary policies. If mortality experience is better than anticipated, significant savings may be passed on to policy owners through policy “re-pricings.” This is more than just a principle; since the first M proprietary life insurance policies were issued in 1996, there have been more than 50 re-pricings resulting in more than $200 million in savings (via premium reductions and other benefits) for existing policy holders as of July 2021.