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BryanMark Group was founded in 2004 with the mission of providing sophisticated asset transfer solutions to affluent and ultra-affluent clientele. To support our commitment to this mission, BryanMark has assembled an experienced team of life insurance professionals to help ensure that each client receives the highest level of advice and service in identifying the most effective life insurance solution for inclusion in individual asset transfer or business succession plans.

BryanMark Group prides itself on delivering exemplary service to existing clients after a policy has been issued. BryanMark’s annual life insurance review process provides clients with regular updates on policy performance including comparisons that track actual policy performance compared to the original plan. Our client retention rate of over 99% is one of our firm’s most valued statistics, and we are grateful to the clients and advisors who continue to place their trust in us.

Our Team

Jason Hackmann

President & Founder

Jason Hackmann founded BryanMark Group in 2004 at age 26 to exclusively focus on the niche area of providing customized life insurance solutions to affluent clients. Jason has extensive experience in designing, evaluating and implementing life insurance solutions within the affluent market. Starting with and succeeding within the M Group at a young age has resulted in him becoming one of the larger shareholders within the company.

Jason is active in charitable and humanitarian efforts in Africa with particular focus on the most neglected populations who face severe humanitarian crises and the worst human rights abuses. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he has partnered with local non-profits within North Kivu to aid Christians who are being slaughtered by the IDF Islamist terrorist group.  He has helped to provide security protection to women who are at substantial risk of being assaulted and raped in IDF Camps, and he has supported the rescue of the child soldiers who have been kidnapped and forced to engage in armed conflict.  Since 2013, his partnership with International Justice Mission (IJM) to end modern slavery on Lake Volta in Ghana led to the founding of the Worth it Project, and he has partnered with World Vision to implement a Christian discipleship program.  He was interviewed for the book Giving Done Right by Phil Buchanan.

He and his wife Jennifer frequently travel to these countries to further these important causes.  Jason and Jennifer have 3 children.

CA Insurance License #0G53811, AR Insurance License #4864723

Aaron Arriola, CFP®

Director - Financial Planning

As Director of Financial Planning Aaron oversees the case design process with a focus on maximizing the effectiveness of the customized life insurance solutions we provide to our clients. Aaron has more than 20 years of experience in technical case design focusing on the private asset transfer and business succession areas of financial planning.

Aaron graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in finance.

AR Insurance License #3896688
CFP® Certificate # 88197

Erin M. Riske

In-Force Manager & Claims Specialist

Erin has been with BryanMark Group since 2007 serving in several roles including business development, product research, client service and in-force management. She is currently BryanMark Group’s In-Force Manager and Claims Specialist responsible for all elements of post-issue policy service for existing policies. She is also responsible for managing the life insurance death benefit claims process.

Erin graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Finance and Banking.

Vickie Dahm

Underwriting Case Manager

Vickie has been with BryanMark Group for more than 17 years and serves as the Underwriting Case Manager. She has over 35 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, the majority of which is in the new business and client service areas. Vickie manages and coordinates the new business process and provides support through detail-oriented client service. She guides the new case submission process from initial application to procurement of medical records through policy issue. She is the point of contact for all issues relating to the policy acquisition process.

Joe Brita


In order to provide our clients the highest level of underwriting Knowledge, we have contracted with Joe Brita. Joe has over 15 years of brokerage underwriting experience. He began his career with Ash Brokerage in 1998 and ended his tenure there as the Executive VP of New Business & Underwriting where he led the underwriting strategies and provided operational support for a staff of over 150 individuals. He now leads Brita Underwriting Consultants, LLC where he utilizes his relationships with a myriad of chief underwriters, medical staff & reinsurance organizations to provide elite advisors with an underwriting advocacy partnership. Joe has 4 children; JJ, Alex, Mia and Drew. They are actively involved in youth development through faith, education and sports. Joe is the President of an elite baseball program in Leo, IN and also gives his time to local Little League for both boys and girls.

Joe graduated ‘with distinction’ from Purdue University in 1998 with a degree in management and minored in international business and management information systems.

Areas of focus

Portfolio of Policies

We believe that most people who are below the $12,920,000/ $25,840,000 net worth thresholds should use term insurance within their financial plans to help achieve their life insurance goals. As evidenced by the portfolio of policies that we have placed, our focus is on the clients who need large amounts of life insurance to for estate planning, business succession planning for successful business and other permanent needs.

$3.4 Billion Total Face Amount

Total aggregate death benefit currently in-force across all BryanMark clients. As of 12.31.22

260 Permanent Policies In-Force

BryanMark issues a small number of large policies on average each year. This is the total number of policies currently in-force, excluding Worth-It-Project term policies. As of 12.31.22

99% Persistency Ratio

Persistency ratio is the percentage of policies we issued that remain in-force (i.e. they have not been surrendered, exchanged or otherwise terminated). As of 12.31.22

Affiliation with M Financial Group

Since 1978, the M Financial network of independent insurance, investment and executive benefit firms has served the needs of affluent individuals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 companies.

M Financial was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of the ultra-affluent and corporate markets. For more than 45 years, M Financial has worked closely with some of the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers and investment firms to pioneer innovative solutions. The client base of Member Firms represents the experience of the ultra-affluent marketplace. Access to this experience data, combined with the collective buying power of these clients translates into the ability to create proprietary products designed specifically for wealth preservation, wealth transfer strategies, and executive benefits programs. These products are available exclusively to the clients of M Member Firms.

View disclosure statement for further details regarding this relationship. For more information on M Financial Group go to mfin.com.

M Reinsurance

M Financial Re, a life reinsurance company owned by M Financial stockholders, reinsures a significant percentage of the business Member Firms write, providing Members with an equity stake in their business. M Financial Re also aligns the interests of producers and carriers for quality business and helps to facilitate strong relationships between Partner Carriers and M Financial. M Financial Re is a subsidiary of M Financial.

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