The BryanMark Difference


Combining Independence with Policy Design Insight:

BryanMark Group is an independent company that is not captive to any life insurance company. For each of our clients, we shop all available carriers to obtain an array of premium quotes from which we can begin to determine the most favorable value for each situation. This is important for the simple reason that life insurance companies do not design the policies they sell to be the most competitive for all age groups, both genders, all health ratings and premium schedules. For example, if the insured is a male age 65 in Preferred health who is evaluating a minimum lifetime premium schedule, carrier A may be the most competitive. If we change any of those variables, carrier B may be the most competitive, and carrier A may not be in the top 10 companies available. Further, if a client decides they want a policy guaranteed to age 95 rather than age 120, the most favorable carriers change drastically even though the pricing is applied to the same insured. Our independence and experience in understanding the ever-changing policy landscape is at the core of the value differentiation that we provide our clients.


Medical Underwriting

Our in-house underwriter focuses on utilizing long-standing relationships with lead underwriters at numerous life insurance companies to negotiate on behalf of our clients to try to obtain the best possible underwriting offer. Carriers vary widely in how they price certain medical conditions and avocations, and we deploy our broad knowledge of these pricing practices to try to secure the most favorable ratings for our clients. A single rate class improvement can result in substantial total savings over the life of the policy. In many cases, our underwriter’s efforts have significantly improved offers – thus pricing – for clients who have applied for coverage through BryanMark.


Navigating the Reinsurance Market: Seizing Opportunities while Understanding Limitations

For larger life insurance placements, understanding how life insurance companies reinsure their business and knowing how to manage the complexities of the reinsurance market is critical in obtaining the most favorable results for clients. Clients who need over $50,000,000 of coverage must be mindful of the reinsurance implications of the life insurance procurement process to avoid unwanted excess underwriting requirements, to preserve good health ratings and to avoid the pitfalls associated with exceeding jumbo limits. We have helped clients secure nine figure total death benefit amounts across many carriers, and these sophisticated life insurance portfolios require specialized experience to assemble. There are many complexities to these arrangements that must be properly designed, coordinated and annually managed to achieve the desired results, so we always work closely with your personal attorney and accountant as needed.